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God's love

If only I knew everything!

Kids are such a blessing from God.  They provide so much insight into how frustrated God must get at me, but also how please he must be with me.  Both my boys provide me with some of the most proud moments as a Dad.  And then I also get the most frustrating moments.  My five year old is smart.  I don’t mean like he’s the smartest five year old to walk the planet, but he amazes me with what he learns and retains.  So then why is it that he has a hard time remembering not to do those things that I repeatedly tell him not to do.  I believe is is a combination of things.  There are certain things that just don’t really sink in and then there are certain things that he just wants to do.  Which is exactly the way I can be.  I am a smart individual.  I can logically understand what God ask of me and why He asks it.  Yet there are things that just take longer to sink in and some things that I just ignore because I haven’t let go of them.  Yet God’s love stays the same and it always will.  I thank God everyday for my boys for many reasons.  But especially for giving me a glimpse of the way He sees me.



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